Accessories and Upgrades to make your kitchen special

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Sharknose Fingerpull
$ Price on application

A Sharknose fingerpull is a bevelled edge to the top of the door or drawer that allows you to pull it without the need for a handle. Sharknose fingerpulls allow for clean lines and give your cabinetry an upmarket feel.

-The additional cost of a sharknose comes from the need to bevel the top edge at a 45 degree angle, ensure correct adhesion of the coloured edge and the provision of a matching rail behind which the drawer/door closes onto which hides the carcass of the cabinet


ACT Kitchens has a range of upgrades available to make your kitchen a little more special. From features like stone waterfall ends and 'sharknose' fingerpulls for drawers to quality Hafele or Sige hardware such as built in bins and pull out baskets, ACT Kitchens can supply and install accessories and upgrades to suit.

Below we have our most common accessories and upgrades with approximate prices (all prices shown excluding GST). 


Sharknose example.JPG
Sharknose detail.png

Undermount Sink
$ Price on application

An undermounted sink allows the stone benchtop to shine by having the stainless steel edges of the sink hidden below the benchtop.

-The additional cost of an undermounted sink comes from the labour needed to ensure that the stone edges now visible above the sink are smooth and polished and the sink is properly sealed to the stone. 


Undermount example.JPG

Waterfall end

$ Price on application

The ultimate finishing touch in a kitchen is the Waterfall end. With a Waterfall end, your stone benchtop drops at a 90 degree angle from your benchtop to meet the floor. Not only is it beautiful, it's also practical as the sides of cabinets are prone to knocks and spills which stone can handle well. 

-Price is on application as waterfall ends depend on the type and style of stone used as well as the quantities needed. 


Apron shelves

$ Price on application

Got a weird space in your kitchen or home you dont quite know what to do with? Apron shelves may be your solution. Made to match your cabinetry, an apron shelf is clean, with no mountings showing and provides additional storage space for plants, cookbooks and more!

-Price is on application depending on the size, style and finish chosen.

Waterfall 2.JPG
Cabinetry - C wood mitred shelves.jpg
shelves laun.JPG

Stepped Overhead Cabinets

$ Price on application

If a little more interest in the design of your kitchen works for you, then perhaps you could consider stepped overhead cabinets. Stepped overhead cabinets have the overheads separated at two different depths with the upper cabinets at a wider depth to the lower cabinets. In the images you can see how well stepped cabinets work.

-The first image is our showroom kitchen and available to view in Queanbeyan. 

Kitchen Design Mid Range 3.png
Stepped overhead.JPG

Flap Hinge

$ Price on application

Cupboard doors open to the left or right yes? Not always. For that something extra special, you could use special flap hinges in your overhead cabinets so the door opens out and up. Great for storing glassware and crockery, you could even pair up the door with a glass insert to allow viewing of your favorite kitchen items!

-We use quality Hafele hinges at ACT Kitchens.

Pull-Out Bin

$ Price on application

The Nova-Pro bin from Hafele allows you to store your rubbish and/or recycling away and not have a separate bin in your kitchen. Available in many sizes and configurations, the Nova-Pro bin we mostly use is the 64 litre bin which consists of two 32 litre bins in a pull out configuration with lids to keep any smells at bay (a per the picture with the grey bins). Price includes the panel to integrate the bin into the cabinetry.

-You can see the Nova-Pro bin in our showroom. 

Pull-Out Rack

$ Price on application

Is your under-sink storage out of control? Want to make the most of the available area around the plumbing? The Hafele Portero Cleaning Agent pull out rack may be just for you. Have easy access to all your cleaning supplies under the sink. 

-There are multiple styles and racks available to you which could suit your kitchen perfectly. Ask us today!

Pull-Out Pantry

$ Price on application

Sick of losing items at the back of your pantry or having to move everything out of the way just to get to the back? The Hafele Dispensa pull-out pantry may be what you need. Built into the cabinetry, there is are multiple sizes and styles available to suit your kitchen. 

-Price includes panel to integrate into your kitchen. 

flap 2.JPG
Showroom Bins.png
pull out bin 2.JPG
Portero 2.JPG
Dispensa pantry.jpg
Dispensa pantry 2.jpg

Pull-Out Base Unit

$ Price on application

Have all your cooking essentials to hand with the Hafele Comfort II pull-out base unit. A special below bench compartment with wire racks built especially to hold your cooking oils, condiments, vinegars, sauces, spices and more, the Comfort II can be installed right next to your cooktop, where you'll need it the most. Available in multiple sizes and styles, contact us to discuss what suits your space. 

-Price includes panel to integrate into your kitchen.

Comfort II.jpg
Comfort II 2.jpg

Pull-Out Laundry Hamper

$ Price on application

It's so satisfying to have an organised space and the Hailo Pull-Out laundry hamper can do that for you. Available in 450mm and 60mm sizes, the Hailo allows you to keep your laundry organised within your cabinetry. And if a room is full of dirty clothes, it's easy to remove the basket and take it with you! Contact us to discuss what suits your space. 

-Price includes panel to integrate into your laundry.

hailo hamper.jpg
Hafale halo 2.jpg

Carousel Corner storage

$ Price on application

Do you have one of those corner cabinets where items up the back are hard to reach? Designing a new kitchen and want to make use of the maximum available space? Have a bad back and need to make access easier? The Kessebohmer 270 degree carousel corner unit makes accessing your corner cabinets easy! Simply spin the unit around to easily access pots, pans and more!

-Price includes panel to integrate into your kitchen.

Carousel 2.jpg

Corner Pull Out (Magic Corner)

$ Price on application

For a real sense of luxury and to make a difficult corner a breeze, the SIGE corner pull out allows you to use all the space that is often wasted in corner cabinets. With a beautiful slide action and premium finishes including clear sides the corner pull out is that special touch to make your kitchen extra special to use!


With a 35 kilo weight rating your pots and pans will be always within reach with the SIGE corner pull out. Available in both left pull out (SME4CP90L) and right pull out (SME4CP90R) configurations. 

-Price includes panel to integrate into your kitchen.

Sige Magic Corner SME4CP90L_1.jpg
Sige Magic Corner SME4CP90L_2.jpg

Two Tone Cabinetry

$ Price on application

For that designer look, two tone cabinetry could be just wht you're looking for. Dark lower and tall cabinetry, with light timber look over head cabinets and light timber bar back cabinets maybe? There are so many options to design the kitchen you want. The additional cost of the two tone cabinets comes from the workshop time in resetting the machinery etc to the additional colour, however we keep these costs low for you.

-Pictures from Rawson Homes

Elyse Laundry Room.jpg
Elyse Dining Kitchen.jpg
Kitchen - C white - U wood - B grey doub


$ Price on application

Add some light to your kitchen.. literally.. with some downlights. Be it a display case, lights in a bulkhead or under your overhead cabinets, lighting can add a whole new dimension to the room. The light surround is available in black, brushed nickel or chrome. Lighting available in different intensities: Warm White 3000K, and Cool White 4000K/5000K. Talk to us today about adding lighting in your new kitchen. 

-Lighting provided by Hafele - available in 3

Downlight colour.jpg

LED Strip Lights


LED Strip lights adds some WOW to your kitchen with a modern sleek look way to provide internal lighting. Use them to light the interiors or your cabinet, display glassware or even light the back of your island bench. LED strip lights can provide just enough light to set the mood you're looking for. Available in Warm White 3100K & Cool White 4000K 

-Lighting provided by Hafele

Downlight 2.jpg
Downlight 3.jpg
Downlight chart.jpg
LED strip 2.jpg
LED strip chart.jpg
LED Strip.jpg

Premium Handles

The handles in your kitchen, laundry etc can make the perfect finishing touch for your new or renovated space. ACT Kitchens stocks the full range of quality Hafele handles - we have a large range with some examples and pricing for you below. 

Description:  Hafele Code - Hole width - Colour

Lux range.JPG
Premium range.JPG
Deluxe range.JPG
POA range.JPG