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Custom vs Pre-made cabinets

In today's do-it-yourself society there is a big push from the pre-made cabinetry providers - you know, the ones you can buy from the Swedish people, or the big green hardware store!

Whilst they may seem like a great option, what does Custom cabinetry from ACT Kitchens have over the pre-made cabinetry?


  • Well firstly it's the main word used - 'custom'. Custom cabinetry is exactly that - custom made for you, fitted exactly to where you need it. Pre-made cabinetry often needs filler panels etc to make it fit your space.

  • You get the features that you want; Extra bench space? - tick! Extra high cabinets? - tick! Lights under the cabinet> - tick! The exact colour combinations that you want? - tick! Really the sky's the limit with custom cabinetry.


  • Pre-made cabinetry also mostly has little plastic feet on their bases for adjustment. We've heard of them falling over when the plastic stresses and breaks! Custom cabinets ensure that they are high quality and installed correctly - with no little plastic feet to fail!

  • Quality also means that your cabinets are made to the highest standard. Our computer design modelling ensures it's designed correctly, first time - if it's not right the program won't let us complete it! The computer then sends the finished design models to our automated machines that cut the cabinetry exactly to size. They always fit just right!

  • You can be sure that we use only the best - cabinetry from well known names Polytec and Formica (Laminex), benchtops from Quantum Quartz and Caesarstone, hardware like handles, hinges and soft close from Hafele. Names you know and trust.

  • A quality kitchen is a long term investment - you know that it will be well made and not fail you - if it's your forever home, your house for a flip or a rental for your investment. A quality custom kitchen will only add value - the quality is visible!

If you've seen a kitchen that suits you - let the team at ACT Kitchens know and we can create a quality custom kitchen that suits your needs. Yes a custom kitchen may be more expensive to start with, but in the long run - the most important room of the house needs a custom solution to last!

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